One Step Beyond

Billy Lau , Founder

Established in 1985, East Arts is a Hong Kong based fine jewelry house specializing in diamond, precious and semi-precious gemstone jewelry in a variety of precious metals. Founder and managing director Billy Lau continues to lead the company in manufacturing and exporting masterfully crafted product and providing the highest quality service to customers worldwide.

East Arts maintains unparalleled resources in Hong Kong and mainland China: three factories– each with a distinct specialization, 14 freehand artists, 40 model makers, 30 on site gemstone sorters, and full support teams dedicated to serving each customer. All of our product is cast or handmade by skilled artisans.

East Arts is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. We adhere to the strictest standards, and guarantee quality and consistency in both material and craftsmanship. We strive to meet our customers’ needs and schedules, and provide high quality classic, trend and custom designs with maximum efficiency and reliability.

We look forward to serving your business.

Workplace Culture

East Arts maintains two thriving workplace operations. We often host our global customers at our main office in Hong Kong, allowing on site collaboration with their management and design teams.
East Arts maintains 45,000 square feet of manufacturing space in Guangzhou Province where best in class artisans innovate, refine and produce 30,000 pieces of jewelry each month.

Superior Production Capability

With 800 experienced team members, East Arts masterfully produces finely finished products made with all gold standards of measure from 8kt to 18kt, in yellow, white and rose,  PT950 platinum and sterling silver.  Our gemstone sourcing allows us to be competitive in diamond, precious and semiprecious gems as well as  pearls and opaques.

Global Distribution

East Arts’ knowledge of global jewelry influencers allows us the luxury of creating relevant designs and collections specific to your market. We have fostered solid, long term relationships in many major markets making East Arts one of the top jewelry exporters out of Hong Kong.

Marketplace Visibility

East Arts maintains a strong global presence by participating in trade shows all over the world, including the top shows in Hong Kong, Basel, Dubai, Italy and Las Vegas. Our commitment to reaching each vital market has allowed us to sustain our product leadership position throughout the world.

Customer Satisfaction

Above all things, East Arts is dedicated to serving our customers with best in class quality and value and superior service. Strong management leadership, collaboration in design, manufacturing efficiencies and price competitiveness define our core strategies that enable our partnership in success.